Student visa rules.

New Zealand Student Visa Rules

If you come to New Zealand to study for three months or more, you must obtain a student visa in order to be able to enter the country and start the programme which you have chosen. This type of visa is granted to people whose visit's main purpose is to study.

In order to obtain a New Zealand student visa, you must:

Produce evidence that you have the necessary funds to support yourself during your stay in the country

If your programme of study is shorter than 36 months, you need NZ$ 1,250 per month. If it is longer than 36 months, you require $15,000 per year of study. If you have already paid specific costs such as your tuition fees, these are automatically deducted from the amount which you must produce evidence for.

The types of evidence of funds which you can produce to support your student visa application include money held in a New Zealand bank account in your name, financial undertaking by a guarantor for the covering of your living and accommodation expenses, sponsorship for the covering of these costs provided by an acceptable sponsor and financial assistance provided by the New Zealand Government via scholarship or aid programme.

Have an offer of a place in a New Zealand education institution

The offer must include the name of the education provider and of the programme of study and the types of tuition fees charged and their amount. The programme of study must be approved by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA).

The education provider must be approved by NZQA or the Ministry of Education. If you are returning to New Zealand for your second or third year of study, you must present confirmation of enrolment which includes the name of the programme of study and the annual tuition fee for this programme.

Produce evidence that you meet health and character requirements

You may need to produce Medical Certificate and/or Chest X-ray Certificate as evidence that you have been screened for TB. You must provide a police certificate from your home country and from any other country where you have lived for more than 5 years after reaching the age of 17. Additionally, you must hold a current and sufficiently comprehensive travel and medical insurance in order to obtain a student visa.

This requirement applies to all applicants irrespective of the duration of their programme of study in New Zealand.

Present proof that you plan to leave after the completion of your programme of study

You can present travel tickets to a country which you are allowed to enter or funds which you have designated for purchasing such tickets. Such funds cannot be included in those designated for covering study and living expenses during your stay in the country.

Have valid passport

The passport which you have must be valid for at least three months after the end of your intended stay in New Zealand.

You may be able to work and study in New Zealand for a set period of time if you have a working holiday visa. This will depend on your age and nationality. If the main reason for your stay in the country is to work, then you must obtain a work visa. There are different types of options provided by Immigration New Zealand which you need to check in advance.

Obtaining a visa is the first step of the process. Once you have been granted a visa, you should prepare to move in the country and to settle in. We, at AKO, will assist you with both the visa process and the preparation for moving to New Zealand. We offer a comprehensive set of services, information and advice.