Live in NZ.

Live in NZ

It takes time to settle in a new place even if it is safe, welcoming and friendly like New Zealand. Each and every country is different as it has different laws, rules and culture. English is spoken in many countries around the globe, but there are slight variations which you have to take into consideration.

One of the most important things for people coming to live in New Zealand is the possession of good English language skills. You need them for school, for work and for making friends.

You should know that New Zealanders tend to use a lot of slang in their daily conversations and talk very fast in most cases. That is why you may need to put in some extra effort in order to understand them in the beginning.

English Language Skills

Even if your English is very good and you can easily meet the requirements of tertiary education institutions and Immigration New Zealand, you may need some time to get comfortable with conversations.

If you do not understand what people say to you, you should ask them to explain the slang words and phrases which they use. This will help you to settle in and to make new friends more quickly.

The New Zealand Culture

In order to understand the local culture, you have to have an idea about the major influence of the Māori people on it. These are the indigenous people of New Zealand.

The Māori language, Te Reo, is official in the country just like English. 1 in 7 people in the country is Māori. More information on the Māori culture can be found in Te Ara Encyclopedia.

New Zealand is a bicultural country where the Māori people and those of European decent live together. The blending of ideas and customs started in 1840 with the Treaty of Waitangi, which is the founding document of the country. This document is still important for the relationship between the people living in New Zealand.

Meeting people and establishing relationships is part of the process of settling in a new country. This is always fun and intriguing, but it can be a lot more in New Zealand. Personal relationships are quite important in all aspects of life here from finding a place to live and a job to getting the best deal on electronics or a holiday.

Making Friends in NZ

During the settling process, it is easier to befriend primarily people from your own country or ethnicity. In a group of newcomers, you will get the support and understanding which you may need during the early days.

Such networks can be of great help as the people in them have gone or are going through the same things as you are.

At the same time, it is always a good idea to reach to the wider community. This may take more time, but the effort which you make will be totally worthwhile. New Zealanders typically have a wide circle of acquaintances and a small group of friends. The close friends which people have are not many and tend not to change.

That is why it may take a good amount of time for a new person to join this small, but important group. Patience is of great help when it comes to building strong friendships here.

With time, you will establish your own circle of friends. You will see that the balance between new arrivals and Kiwis in it will shift as time passes. This is a natural process which will continue as you become more settled and build your life in the country.
You can take things slowly and build a circle of acquaintances for starters. Then you can build strong friendships.