Jobs you can’t do.

Job Prohibitions and Requirements

There are specific types of jobs which international students in New Zealand are not allowed to take. Apart from these exclusions, students can take up any job provided that the requirements which are part of their visa are met and that the employment does not have a negative impact on their studies.

Employment Restrictions

You can not be self-employed. You are only allowed to get hired as an employee under an employment agreement. This agreement must adhere to all employment and labour laws in New Zealand. You cannot provide services as an independent contractor in the country.

Student visa holders are prohibited from providing commercial sexual services in New Zealand. An international student cannot work as a direct provider of such services or take any other job in a prostitution business. There is prohibition for investing in such services as well.

Job Selection

International students enrolled in education programmes in New Zealand are allowed to take up all kinds of jobs apart from the ones which are prohibited. The chosen job must have work hours which correspond to the requirements outlined in the visa of the student. Additionally, it must not interfere with their studies. Any additional requirements set by the education provider must be met as well.

In general, it is possible to take up more than one job while studying as long as the requirements outlined here are met.

All education providers in the country report international student attendance and academic progress to Immigration New Zealand. If you miss a lot of your classes and/or perform poorly due to working during the term, penalties may apply.

If your student visa gets revoked due to breaching school attendance and academic performance requirements and you have to leave the country, tuition fees which you have paid will not be refunded. Other expenses which you have pre-paid such as accommodation costs may not be refunded either.

When you select a job, you have to ensure that the work hours correspond to your class timetable and that you will have enough time to prepare for classes and exams. Part-time jobs which have work schedule based on shifts are considered to be the most suitable for students. Flexibility on the side of the employer is important as well.

You must read carefully all terms and conditions in the employment agreement which you are required to sign. You have to understand them fully and to confirm that they will not lead to a breach of the employment requirements stated in your visa.