Find/Browse Jobs.

Find/Browse Jobs

Job search in New Zealand is fairly easy. There are different pathways towards finding an open position. Explore the main ones.

Job Websites and Services

There are specialised websites where jobs are advertised. You can browse vacancies and apply directly online for open positions, which match your qualifications.

The most popular job websites in New Zealand are:

Specialised websites where overseas workers can find jobs are:

You can find open positions directly on the websites of employers as well. You can use this search strategy if you want to work for specific employers or if the employers in your field do not traditionally advertise vacancies on the general job ad websites.

Recruitment Agencies

These agencies match job seekers to employers. Employers hire them to find talent usually for professional positions. The agencies are responsible for finding and assessing people who are suitable for the open positions. They get paid by the employer when they find the right person for the job.

Often, the vacancies which are available through recruitment agencies are not advertised elsewhere. Furthermore, when you sign up with an agency, you will be directly notified for jobs which are relevant to your qualification. In some cases, you may be invited directly to an interview. You can consider signing up with one or two agencies at the most. Some are more narrowly specialised than others.

Making Contacts

It is possible to find a job through personal contact with employers. There are several ways in which you can reach them. Students in tertiary education institutions in New Zealand have the opportunity to meet employers personally at specially organised career fairs and other events. These events are usually widely advertised on campus and on the websites of schools.

Detailed information can be found via the career and employment services of the institutions. You should not miss out on the opportunity to meet employers face to face and make good impression as this can give you great advantage as a job applicant.

You can also use your personal contacts to reach employers directly. You can ask people that you know including friends and fellow students who are already working for available positions in their organisations and apply. If you have built a relationship with one or more of your lecturers, they may be able to connect you to employers who are looking to hire people with your skills.

You can contact employers directly to demonstrate that you are interested in working for them. This will make a very good impression on local employers. You can start by writing an email and attaching your CV.

A comprehensive list of the job websites and recruitment agencies in New Zealand is available at