Explore New Zealand.

Explore New Zealand

Great adventures await you in New Zealand. Discover the country and what it has to offer.


This is the largest and most populated city in New Zealand. It is home to over 180 different ethnic groups. It is the commercial hub of the country as well - it produces 35% of GDP and accounts for 33% of the paid employment.

It is the third best city to live in the world according to the Mercer Quality of Living Survey for 2014.

The weather in Auckland is warm and fairly humid. The average temperature ranges from 7 to 24 degrees Celsius. The city has plenty of shops, cafes, and restaurants plus museums, art galleries and performance shows. It has a bustling nightlife which has plenty of entertainment to offer. Some of the favourite spots for having fun in the city include Wynyard Quarter, the Viaduct Harbour and City Works Depot.

The natural landscape has everything to offer from a gorgeous coastline with pristine beaches and blue waters to rolling hills and lush green rainforest. You will certainly love the hiking and cycling trails. The beautiful beaches are great for relaxation. You can also enjoy sailing, kayaking, whale and dolphin watching and fishing. One of Auckland's most popular attractions is Hauraki Gulf Marine Park, which includes coastline, sea and gorgeous islands. Waiheke Island is the jewel in the crown with its vineyards, olive groves and golden beaches.


This region of the country is popular for its subtropical climate, long sandy beaches, crystal clear blue waters steaming with wildlife and Māori tradition.

It is home to Bay of Islands which is one of the top natural attractions in the country. The largest city in the region is Whangarei. It is vibrant and modern and offers great facilities for recreation, sports and entertainment.


It is home to many agricultural businesses and research institutes. It is known for its farming and horse breeding industries.

Hamilton is the largest city in the region. It is a transportation and commercial hub. Half of the population in the city is below the age of 30.

Bay of Plenty

This is the region with some of the best beaches in New Zealand. It also gets the most sunshine hours during the year.

It is known for its relaxed style and the numerous outdoor activities available to residents and visitors. The largest city in the region is Tauranga.


This district is relatively small and not very populated. It has beautiful beaches and rolling hills. Nearly half of the population is Māori.

Hawke's Bay

This region is known for its vineyards and wine producing industry.

Hastings is the agricultural hub of the region while Napier is a city recognised for its art deco style.


The region get its name from Mount Taranaki, which s a perfect volcanic cone. The region is known for its agricultural and petro-chemical industries.

It offers various opportunities for land, water and adventure sports.

Whanganui Manawatu

The region has a excellently developed agricultural industry. Its major city, Palmerston North, is known as a "student city" as students make up 40% of its population.

The region boasts with scenic coastal plains and gorgeous beaches.


This region is home to the capital city of New Zealand - Wellington. It is an administrative, business and cultural hub.

It has ethnically diverse community. It offers plenty of cultural activities from museums and galleries to theatres and festivals.


It covers the north-eastern part of the South Island. It is known primarily for its natural attractions with the main one being Marlborough Sounds.

It offers excellent opportunities for cycling, mountain biking and trekking.

Nelson Tasman

This region is recognised for its long sandy beaches and for its sunshine. It is home to well-developed tourism, agriculture, fishing and wine industries.

It is home to the Abel Tasman National Park.

West Coast

It stretches along the western coast of the South Island. It has some of the most beautiful natural parks in New Zealand.

It has a growing eco-tourism industry.


The region was greatly affected by the earthquakes of 2010 and 2011, but it is recovering slowly. The two main industries are agriculture and tourism.

The largest city in the region is Christchurch, which is known for its spectacular gardens.


There you will discover dramatic scenery ranging from snow-capped mountains to vast plains and secluded beaches.

You can enjoy all kinds of sports from cycling and kayaking to skiing. The main city in the region is Dunedin, which is home to many local and international students.


You will find only one city in this region - Invercargill, which is known for its relaxed lifestyle and classic architecture.

The region's main attraction is Fiordland National Park which has absolutely stunning fiords. It is home to plenty of rare wildlife species.