New Zealand has been chosen as the best country for education in the world by Legatum Institute in London. It is the most peaceful country in the world according to the Global Peace Index. It is a great place to live and study.

Consider the list of individual benefits which you will receive as an international student in New Zealand.

Academics and Career

You will benefit from:

A selection of tertiary education institutions, which are based in different parts of the country, degree programmes and general and specialised courses

Internationally recognised qualification which will give you high chances of securing a well paid job in virtually any country around the globe

Teaching of the highest quality delivered by experienced academic staff with high achievements in both education and research

Stimulating academic environment in which every subject is open to debate and challenges to traditional ideas are welcomed

Small classes where students participate actively and receive a great amount of personal attention

Education based on innovation with a global edge which encourages students to think out of the box and to make great achievements

Knowledge and skills which will make you employable in any country around the globe and not only in Ne Zealand and India

Better English language skills, which will help you immensely when applying for jobs

Opportunities for postgraduate education in various countries around the globe after obtaining an undergraduate degree in New Zealand – you can earn a master’s degree in another country and then come back to work in New Zealand

Professional career services which are designed to give you professional career advice and support with making job applications and the opportunity to meet employers at various events including career fairs

Living in New Zealand

You will enjoy:

Living in a safe and peaceful country which has excellently preserved natural environment

Living in a country with stable economy and government and free political environment

Choosing from a range of accommodation options, which include staying at a university hall, university residence with flats, a family home or privately rented apartment or house

High standard of living no matter where you stay in the country

Tuition fees and living expenses which are affordable
Specialised support for international students which is intended to make you feel comfortable right from the start

Meeting warm and friendly local people who are always ready to help

Meeting people of various cultural background including students and teachers from different countries

Making new friends in a relaxed environment

Readily available sports facilities for students which are typically on campus or a walking distance from it – you will be able to participate in team sports like cricket, basketball and rugby and in individual ones like tennis and squash

Student clubs and societies which give you the opportunity to befriend and collaborate with fellow students who share your interests whether they are in the field of art, science, business, sports or anything else

A wide selection of sports including adventure ones such as skiing, snowboarding, white-water rafting, bungee jumping, scuba diving, mountain biking and climbing

Excellent recreational facilities nationwide – New Zealand has 14 national parks, 400 golf courses and numerous beaches, hiking trails and biking tracks

Various cultural experiences including theatre, opera and ballet performances, musical concerts and festivals, and visits to museums and historic sites

Easy access to the country – there are direct flights from the large cities in Asia and the Pacific to the major airports in New Zealand

Come to New Zealand to receive excellent education and to experience great adventure. The country has a lot to offer. Now is the time to seize the superb opportunity available to you!