It is easy for new international students to feel at home in New Zealand.

One of the first things which you have to arrange as a new student is a place to live. There are various accommodation options to select from. There is literally something for everyone. You will certainly find an option which matches you lifestyle and preferences.

Residence Halls

These halls are usually a short walk away from the main campus where all of the classes take place. They offer furnished single or twin rooms with a bathroom.

It is up to you to decide whether you want to be alone in a room or share it with a roommate.

The halls have various shared facilities including lounge, laundry and dining hall. Some have computer rooms and TV rooms as well. Meals are often included in the room price which you will pay. This is quite convenient for students. It eliminates the need to cook your own meals and to dine out.

The residence halls have a vibrant student community. There are various social activities organised for the students who live there. This will give you the opportunity to get to know your peers in a more relaxed and informal environment and to have fun as well.

Some of the larger tertiary institutions in New Zealand have private hostels which are administered in a similar way to the halls of residence. Often, they are equipped with kitchen facilities where you can cook your own meals. Some have self-contained apartments which are known as "flats".


This is a unique accommodation option as it enables you to stay with a New Zealand family in their home. You can expect to have a fully furnished room which is just for you.

You will share the rest of the amenities in the house just like the other family members.

The family will cook meals for you and help you with settling in and getting used to the daily life in the place where you have chosen to study.

A homestay offers a range of benefits. You will get to know friendly people who will make you feel at home. You will have the opportunity to develop your English language skills even further and to learn the local slang which is quite helpful for communication. You will get to immerse in the local lifestyle and culture.

Independent Accommodation

You can choose to rent a place on your own or with other people. You will find a wide range of options from one-bedroom apartments to houses with four or five bedrooms.

You can select from a variety of locations as well. You can choose to live in the city or in the suburbs where you will find a more relaxed environment and more opportunities for outdoor recreations.

The proximity to the campus and the transportation options are always important factors to consider when selecting independent accommodation.

Most of the rental flats have basic appliances like an oven, washing machine and a dryer. You can choose from furnished and unfurnishes ones with the first option being more popular with students. When you life in a flat, you will share the rental rate and the utility and phone bills with your flat mates.