About Us

Since its founding, AKO has helped many students to make their dream of studying in New Zealand reality. We have offices both in India and New Zealand.

We offer a comprehensive set of services designed to assist aspiring students at every step of the way. We are renowned for providing personal attention to each of our clients and to establishing long-term relationships with them.

We offer various study programme options and provide complete information, advice and support with making the best choice. We use our extensive expertise and advanced technology to make the school and student visa application processes smooth and easy. Our team consists of dedicated and experienced professionals who always deliver the best service. Make the first step towards tertiary education in New Zealand right away.

Our Mission

Our mission is to assist people who want to pursue higher education in New Zealand with achieving their goals through the provision of professional services, which meet the highest local and international standards of quality.

Our consultancy, admission and student visa services are based on the latest information provided by tertiary institutions, government bodies and independent agencies in New Zealand.

We provide expert advice based on our experience, research and analysis. We provide full assistance with the preparation for coming to New Zealand. Our services are personalised, completely dedicated and highly competitive.

Our Values

Integrity is among the core values of AKO consultants. We believe that success and personal satisfaction with every aspect of life can be achieved only through honesty and the adherence to strong mortal principles. This is part of our culture and work.

Transparency is another one of our core values. We make the study, work and living options available to prospect students in New Zealand perfectly clear.

We want our clients to have a precise idea of what to expect in the country and to be perfectly prepared for the student experience. This is how we are able to achieve maximum satisfaction among both students and parents.

Expertise is what makes us the New Zealand tertiary education consultants of choice for many students.

We have excellent knowledge of the programmes and facilities available in the tertiary educational institutions in New Zealand and of their admission requirements. At AKO, we are experts in the admission and student visa applications processes.

Competitiveness enables us to provide our clients with something extra to make them better prepared for the road ahead. We understand that in today's global world, things are changing at a rapid pace. We stay up to date with all the latest trends in education and employment. We learn about the changes to admission and student visa requirements as soon as they are in effect.

We do all this to ensure that the prospect students who come to us receive the best service and guidance which will help them to build their future.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide placement in tertiary institutions in New Zealand to an ever larger number of students. At AKO, we are constantly working towards expanding our service range even further and achieving strong and sustained growth.

Our long-term goal is to achieve leadership in the field of student consultancy both locally and internationally.

Our Team

The AKO team consists of motivated, knowledgeable and experienced consultants who are always ready to help. We have expertise on all matters of tertiary education in New Zealand from admission to doing work during the semester. We are friendly and positive people with strong backgrounds. We will do everything necessary to make you feel comfortable and confident about the big step which you are abut to make in your life.